Finding Success

The art of being content.

Why is the grass always greener? Better irrigation system? Could be, but they might have also paid more for that system.

Maybe there’s more sun or better dirt? That could be too, they could have also paid more for that as well, at least the dirt.

Sometimes the grass is greener because it’s planted in a climate that is better suited for green grass. Maybe it’s that you aren’t putting in the work for green grass or maybe the green grass wont work where you live.

Then comes the question, why do you even want green grass? The grass may be greener, but is it better than what you have? After all, you may live in a desert. However, if you do want green grass, maybe you could move to where green grass makes sense, or you could put in the extra work/money for greener grass? Herein lies a problem. Once you have the greener grass you may miss your xeriscape or you may notice next to someone else’s green grass they have a really nice car. You may even realize they actually got rid of their green grass because they envied your xeriscape or were tired of paying the water bill, putting in all the extra work, etc. Now that the grass isn’t greener on the other side, are you now happy having the green grass?